Overview of Workshops

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The following describes the Improv for Interaction “IF I” themes which are broken down into age-specified workshops in which the students explore skills for living in community. Common to each class is a framework for of exploration of the inclusive living  principles found in the book “The 7 Keys to Being Miracle Minded”;

  1. Setting Intention,
  2. Acceptance and Appreciation
  3. I Am
    (Experience is the Teacher)
  4. Follow the Lead
    (Entering an other’s world)
  5. Inclusion
    (Paradigm Shift to Belonging)
  6. Rehearse for Life
    (Everything is Practice)
  7. Celebrate!
    (Live Miracle Minded)

The above framework is presented in age-relevant context as follows and varies in the amount of emphasis places on social living issues such as bullying, peer relationships, jobs and career, online community participation, hygiene and more:

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for Adults with Autism
Ages 18+

This skill development course is designed for adults with autism. Workshops cover job skills, dating, community relationships,  life skills and independent living skills.

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for Teens with Autism
Ages 14-17

Social Skills workshops for transition ages 14-17  – Hygiene, Friendships, School relationships

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for Children with Autism
Ages 8 – 13

Social skills workshops for 8-14 . Dealing with bullying – cyber bullying, school yard bullying, turn taking,

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